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Tenant Representation

Tenant Representation allows our clients to focus on operating their business, while leveraging our expertise to work with developers and landlords to find the best possible location for their business at the most economic cost.  Our tenant representation services include a strategic planning meeting, followed by a market survey, a comparison of available properties, tours of the properties, preparation of offers and counter offers, and finally, the lease negotiation.  While most brokers consider the job finished at lease signing, we continue to maintain a relationship with our clients to assist in their future needs such as expansion, renewals and other lease related issues.

While some brokers work for both Landlords and Tenants in a transaction, we will fight for just one side: the Tenant.

Benefits of Tenant Representation: 

If you are not represented by your own agent, the Landlord knows this and negotiates to their benefit, not yours.

Knowledge is power.  A sophisticated Landlord negotiates with a depth of market knowledge.  To achieve knowledge parity, the Tenant must also gain a similar depth of knowledge.  Working with a tenant representative allows the Tenant to understand and utilize this knowledge and power.

Lease Expiration is the only reasonable time for most companies to enter the market, and it only happens, on average, once every 5 years.  Whether you intend to move, or not, allow yourself to be “in the market” every time your lease expires.  This will enable you to achieve a competitive market real estate lease even if you don’t move.

If a Landlord knows you are not considering (even if just for negotiating purposes) alternative locations, you are considered a Captive Tenant, and this status will be reflected in your renewal negotiations.

Tenant representation gives you the benefit of in-depth knowledge of lease clauses which can be onerous to lessees.  (This is the time to correct any past mistakes).

Representation offers the opportunity to lower your effective rent through superior market knowledge.

Knowledge regarding operating expenses, renewal/expansion and give-back options.

Skilled tenant representation gives you an edge in obtaining necessary tenant improvements or other concessions. (Knowing what to ask for and when to ask is the key!)

Landlords may try to intimidate the Tenant into not using their own representation by promising lower rents if the broker is left out.  These savings are seldom, if ever, passed onto the Tenant.

By using a 3rd party agent, you can be more aggressive in your efforts to negotiate a market lease without compromising your relationship with your landlord. 

We work with tenants to help… 

Negotiate a lease

Find new space

Renegotiate at renewal

Buy buildings (own vs. rent)

Plan and budget tenant improvements

Analyze and negotiate build to suit opportunities

Plan for the future (e.g. avoid costly surprises)  

If you are prepared to purchase, we’ll provide a comprehensive market evaluation, negotiate your acquisition price, analyze your investment financially and negotiate your contract. 


We’ve got you covered from start to finish….  By contacting us today, you can avoid costly mistakes and surprises.  Remember, the Landlord pays our fees!

Landlord Represention

  • There are many options available to tenants in this marketplace. As vacancies have increased in all major markets, Landlords are working hard to keep existing tenants. In this arena of competition between Landlords, it becomes imperative to have an aggressive marketing program tailored to the specific needs of the tenants in the marketplace while also balancing the financial goals of the property owner. 


Our advisory team is very selective in taking agency assignments. We recognize the value of our contribution to the assignment and work with landlords that are ready to be positioned for success. 


Accountability is also an important component of our marketing plan, as we keep Seacrest Building infomed of all activity through regular reporting meetings and discussions to the degree that is most desirable.  

It has been confirmed through our experience that tenants are largely located within the "shadow" of a project. We will identify and pursue select tenants whom best fit with each listing thru proactive and coordinated approach .As a more concentrated effort, we chart and develop a relationship with the proper class of tenant within a 5-mile "shadow" radius of every listing. In addition to pursuing local tenants, we will place significant emphasis on the marketing to the local commercial real estate broker community.  By making use of this valued resource there will be a significant amount of exposure to each property that has to date not been utilized. 


Market Process 

 Commercial Property Advisors will work with each landlord management team to institute a plan to improve the presentation of all available suites to the marketplace.  


For each listing, the Marketing Team will formulate an exclusive detailed marketing plan. Each plan will include: 


BROCHURE – We will create a digital and hard copy brochure/flyer to our targeted list of industries that we have identified.


BROKER COOPERATION – We will solicit outside broker cooperation through mass e-mails and specific broker mailings. (We will follow up via email with a sample digital brochure)


INTERNET/LISTING SERVICES – We will offer the property through various multiple listings services including Co-Star and Loopnet.


MAILINGS – We will send out targeted mailings to the users we have identified with our marketing flyers.


CANVASSING – We will hand deliver the brochure to all local companies in the target market.   

Our creativity and knowledge of investors and tenants in the marketplace, coupled with a great rapport with the brokerage community, offers a level of saturation and personalization that will enable us to discover and qualify solid prospects for each listing. 

Investment Acquisition & Sales

Representing buyers of investment real estate requires local market knowledge and conduct the financial analysis of multiple commercial product types, an understanding of the entitlement process, familiarity with local construction, refurbishment and maintenance costs, and  the capital markets.   

Representing sellers of investment real estate may require many of the same services, in addition to a thorough understanding of electronic marketing media, a creative approach to packaging, expert sales and negotiating skills, and a strong broker network.  

Our Investment Services team has over 45 years experience, which covers all of the above criteria essential to providing our clients with the highest quality representation available. 

Commercial Property Advisors keeps abreast of the latest trends and fluctuations in real estate markets, as well as local and national CAP rates and market trends. Our vast network of private and institutional investors, allows us to match our clients who are open to investments beyond Southern California, with the investment opportunity that will maximize their returns, factoring in their risk tolerance. 

Your success is our goal.